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justified trust report
Managing corporate tax risks
-and getting it right

This whitepaper is important reading for any large business in Australia facing renewed corporate tax activity from the ATO. It covers:

  • What attracts the ATO's attention
  • The four key areas the ATO focuses on for identifying non-compliant organisations
  • Examples of an Audit Plan
  • Important takeaways for the Board
  • Keys to automating the compliance and reporting process


Country-by-Country Reporting:
Insights from the first set of lodgments

Country-by-Country Reporting: Insights from the first set of lodgments aims to provide a state-of-play on CbC Reporting in its first year and looks forward to Year 2 and the benefits to be gained from a tax technology CbC solution.

Wolters Kluwer surveyed our tax manager database, spoke to our clients and drew on insights and statistics shared by the Australian Taxation Office to develop a snapshot of Country-by-Country reporting to date and what can be expected moving forward.

The report provides insight into:

  • Challenges, pain points and key learnings observed in the first set of lodgments
  • Year 2 changes to CbC reporting
  • Benefits of investing in a tax technology relationship and solution

State of Corporate Tax Function eBook
State of Corporate Tax Function Report

Wolters Kluwer surveyed our corporate tax manager database and conducted interviews to capture the voice and current sentiment of the Corporate Tax Function in Australia in 2017, exploring areas such as:

  • The evolving role and importance of the corporate tax function
  • How regulation and technology will impact the corporate tax function
  • Automating change for the future 

The eBook also includes analysis and commentary from key thought-leaders, including:

  • Greg Williams – Deputy Commissioner – Smarter Data Program, ATO
  • Karen Payne – CEO for the Board of Taxation
  • Fiona Ritchard – Tax Counsel – Corporate and Australia, Coca-Cola Amatil