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For accounting firms with a growth mindset

CCH iFirm's complete Cloud Suite brings you an enterprise level competitive advantage.

For accounting firms with a growth mindset

CCH iFirm's complete Cloud Suite brings you an enterprise level competitive advantage.

Why You Need Accounting Practice Software like CCH iFirm

Accounting firms in Australia face immense challenges, from delivering critical services to clients on time to maintaining legal compliance and enabling rank-and-file bookkeepers to accomplish their daily tasks. These activities produce a considerable volume of data. Managing that information, and keeping your firm on track for success, is no easy feat. When your digital environment and data structures are disconnected, the challenge grows even more significant. The answer? Rethink the way you work.

The Advantages of Adopting Better Practice Management Accounting Software

With practice manager software for accountants, it’s possible to reshape the way your business manipulates its data, handles billing, and completes jobs for clients. Think about how many different programs the teams in your business use right now. What if you could have everything in one place instead? The advantages of a better practice management solution are clear:

  • You save time. Work smarter, not harder.
  • You save money. Redirect your budget towards other necessary improvements.
  • You increase client satisfaction. With faster results, you can pass on real gains to your clients.

CCH iFirm is tailored for accountants

Practice Management Software Built for Accounting Firms

There are many practice solutions on the market, but only CCH iFirm delivers the powerful online platform your business needs for success. A multi-layered management system that scales with ease for everyone from the small firm to the multi-national business, CCH iFirm is a proven solution for practice management software in Australia. Accountants will find there are many exciting advantages to using an integrated solution. Tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business, its features will make any practice manager wonder how they got along without iFirm.

A Complete Suite of Solutions

Build the Software You Need

Built for businesses that require the most robust solutions possible, iFirm is not just one piece of software. It is an entire collection of programs designed to do everything you need, including billing, handling CRM, workflow automation, and much more. With components including iFirm Cloud Tax, Practice Manager, Intranet, and PaperBuster, professionals can pick and choose what makes the most sense for their company in Australia.

Cloud-Based Software for Enhanced Reliability

Work anywhere, any time.

CCH iFirm helps keep you connected to the daily ins and outs of your practice with software accessible anywhere you have a connection to the Internet. Although not a mobile software, you can connect to your iFirm dashboard from virtually anywhere in the world with your laptop or desktop computer. You don’t even need to be in the office to get your accounting firm on track for the day. Reduce in-house IT costs and boost productivity.

Accounting Software That Grows with Your Firm

The best software continues to improve over time to respond to evolving demands for comprehensive practice solutions. With CCH iFirm, you can look forward to future improvements that enhance the support provided to your small business. We continually gather information from our partners to learn how to get every feature right, so your back-office processes can be as efficient as possible.

A Dashboard at Your Fingertips

No more switching back and forth between multiple apps to find the required documents for a project, or to send an invoice back to one of your business partners. With iFirm, all your widgets and accountant tools are in one location. With a powerful, customisable dashboard, it takes no time at all to get things looking just the way you like. Waste no time coming finding the client documents you need to manage work effectively.

Allocate Tasks with Ease and Automate Your Workflows

How do you keep the bookkeepers on your practice staff focused on the most important jobs? With CCH iFirm, a practice manager can follow accountant progress in real time, track time spent on each task individually, and define the workflow for any given procedure. With a minimal amount of training, it’s easy to bring managers up to speed on iFirm.

Streamlined Invoicing Keeps You On Top of Your Accounts

Billing keeps the gears of your accounting firm turning, but do you know the status of your receivables right now? Can you quickly generate a report on the financial impact of overdue invoices? With the power to run reports that give you a clear sense of the value your biggest clients bring in, you can re-allocate resources where they’re needed most. Meanwhile, our account tools include the features necessary for understanding your current cashflow situation.

Support Your Clients with Superior Service

By using a proven resource for accounting practice management, you not only make compliance easier for you and your partners, but you also create more value for them. Discover more today about how to improve the experience you deliver to every client.

Tap Into 40 Years of Expertise for Assistance

At Wolters Kluwer, we know accounting. With more than four decades spent supporting the financial industry in Australia, we have nearly two centuries behind us in international business. Aiding accountants and bookkeepers is our passion, and we go beyond merely supplying the software. Find proven resources and in-depth support for your business at any time. Allow us to help you “get it right” for clients.

Discover a Better Way to Connect with Your Work

A revolution is here in the way accountants use information to deliver superior results for exceptional client outcomes. Do away with unnecessarily complex and disconnected software and choose the right custom system made for businesses like yours. With flexible pricing, CCH iFirm makes good financial sense even for the small business.

What are our clients saying

The seamless integration of applications in CCH iFirm saves us significant time in our levels of reporting and client service. We have eliminated unnecessary duplication and made it even easier to manage projects and proactively communicate with our clients at the same time. This can also happen anywhere – which is entirely essential to the growth of the modern workforce.

Phil MarendazManaging Director, Marendaz Accountants and Business Consultants

By implementing CCH iFirm we have met – and doubled – our goals this year. We have the ability to discuss the bigger issues with our clients and this value add is what they want.

Teddy KosasihCo-founder and Partner, Pitt Martin Accountants & Tax Advisers

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