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CCH iKnow Modules

Browse our large selection of expert modules to find the solutions that best fit your practice

Browse our large selection of expert modules to find the solutions that best fit your practice

CCH iKnow Practical Tools

Compliance services remain the bread-and-butter work for most firms, big or small. Make year-end compliance faster, easier and smarter with our extensive collection of practical tool.

CCH iKnow Accounting

Discover practical detailed commentary to help you answer questions on various aspects of financial statement preparation and presentation for a variety of reporting entities, business organisations and other entities.

CCH iKnow Audit

Comprehensive commentary in relation to audit philosophy, planning and administration

CCH iKnow Bankruptcy

CCH iKnow provides detailed bankruptcy & insolvency commentary on all aspects of the Bankruptcy Act.

CCH iKnow Companies

Detailed legal and practical guidance on Corporations Law and the numerous issues which can arise in the day-to-day administration of companies, as well as high-level guidance on various topics impacting on businesses, including regulatory compliance.


Detailed explanation of the operation of the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986, giving a practical understanding of the FBT regime and how to comply with FBT requirements.


Practical and detailed explanations of the GST law with illustrative examples.

CCH iKnow Income Tax

Coverage of both ITAA 1936 and 1997 and the Taxation Administration Act 1953, summary of amendments and list of amending Acts, current Bills, progress of existing Bills and summary of pending legislation.

CCH iKnow PBR Finder

The CCH iKnow Private Binding Rulings (PBR) Finder will now allow you to access over 130,000+ ATO PBR within a user-friendly search platform.

CCH iKnow State Taxes Module

The CCH iKnow State Taxes module is ideal for the taxation specialist or practitioner who needs fast access to comprehensive coverage of all payroll tax and stamp duties developments. The detailed and practical commentary is written on a State-by-State basis.

CCH iKnow Superannuation

Three tiers of commentary, each purpose built to suit your research needs,