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Transform through tax with
CCH Integrator™

Your tax & compliance platform

Transform your business - with the global tax platform that keeps enterprises a step ahead in a constantly evolving world.

Your tax & compliance platform

Transform your business - with the global tax platform that keeps enterprises a step ahead in a constantly evolving world.

Be compliant across numerous entities and tax jurisdictions – without being overwhelmed by complication and risk

Today’s tax professional operates in a volatile and challenging environment. And the need to comply with ever-changing tax rules and regulations across multiple geographies adds to the burden of tax functions already under pressure to deliver more, faster.

The global tax compliance and reporting platform with transformational potential

From one person to multinational teams, CCH Integrator streamlines the complexity of tax compliance and reporting across multiple entities and jurisdictions, increasing control, reducing risk and freeing your tax function to focus on greater things.

The complete tax solution

Tax Compliance

Transform your processes with all your tax obligations in one place.

Tax Reporting

Transform your perspective to go from ticking boxes to charting a strategic course for success.

Tax Data Management

Transform your capability using invaluable tax insights to keep you on top of change – before it occurs.

Trusted by some of the world’s best-known enterprises

A proven, global solution

  • Used by over 350 corporations in over 80 countries
  • Chosen by the Top 10 Financial Institutions in Australia and all Big 4 professional services firm
  • Over 15,000 end-users

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Goodyear Australia

“Goodyear Australia Stays One Revolution Ahead of its Tax Compliance and Reporting with CCH Integrator.”

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“With CCH Integrator what previously took 2 hours now takes 10 minutes“

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Our Global Tax Reporting Platform Is There to Help You Ensure Compliance

Tax laws are always changing and evolving—a fact that our global tax reporting platform’s design helps businesses handle with aplomb. Taxes are a necessary part of business – a significant hurdle that becomes all the more challenging for multinational enterprises that need to understand and comply with tax rules and regulations across multiple countries. Wolters Kluwer continues to develop the CCH Integrator™ software to provide businesses such as yours with the tax software necessary to stay ahead in our fast-evolving world.

What to Expect from the CCH Integrator

The CCH Integrator is, primarily, a tax reporting and compliance platform. It is designed to take the complex world of tax laws and regulations and simplify it into something easy to manage across multiple business locations, countries and governmental jurisdictions. Our global tax compliance software comes equipped with solutions that your business can use to ensure a sound taxation approach.

These solutions include:

Tax Compliance

CCH Integrator can put all your tax obligations in front of you, in one place and can adapt to workpapers and supporting calculations across multiple tax jurisdictions. For businesses that operate globally, direct, indirect, international and filing obligations differ significantly from one global tax territory to the next, which can make a truly global tax compliance strategy challenging to formulate. Our software places all your obligations in one place, giving you a greater comprehension of how they will affect you and what steps you need to take to ensure adherence to all relevant laws, regulations and standards.

Tax Reporting

In addition to being a tax compliance tool, CCH Integrator is a global tax reporting program. You can use our tax provision solutions to automate all your reporting processes. Instead of tracking down data and entering it into your tax return manually, you can source your information from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and flow it into your tax return, in real time. Not only does this type of solution reduce your workload, save time and limit the risk of human error, but it also helps estimate your company’s tax trajectory. Our tax reporting solutions can automatically calculate your company’s tax position at any moment in time or provide a forecast of your year-end tax obligation.

Data Management

We live in the era of big data, and few types of data are more important to an organisation than accurate (and plentiful) tax data. Your company’s tax history, for instance, can be used to identify opportunities to reduce tax liability in future years, to show stakeholders that you are staying compliant with taxation trends, managing your risks appropriately, and more. CCH Integrator is a powerful data management tool for tax information, capable of capturing structured and unstructured data alike, feeding this data into your tax calculations and leveraging your tax data for current and future applications. Our clients find that stronger management of tax data helps them meet data retention requirements and make decisions that drive their organisations towards more sustainable, tax-aware operations.

Income tax returns may only be due once a year, but taxation should always be central to how your business plans, operates, grows and thrives. These three core elements of our CCH Integrator corporate tax platform work together to help businesses make sure taxation matters remain top-of-mind throughout the year.

Statistics You Need to Know about the CCH Integrator Software

As a tax compliance and reporting solution, CCH Integrator has already achieved a great deal of success and recognition across the business world. Here are a few key facts and statistics about our tax accounting system:

Used by hundreds of businesses in dozens of countries.

Right now, more than 350 corporations are using CCH Integrator to simplify their tax compliance, accounting and reporting. Our software is a trusted tool among numerous well-known global enterprises, from professional services firms (KPMG) to multinational tyre manufacturers (Goodyear). At last count, the software was being used in over 80 countries around the world.

We have thousands of users.

From one-person ventures to corporations with global a presence, our software has more than 15,000 end users—and counting!

CCH Integrator is recognised as a best-in-class software tool.

So far numerous leading players across the financial and accounting industries recognise our software as a best-in-class solution. We’ve been singled out by the top ten financial institutions in Australia, as well as the ‘Big Four’ professional services firms. These firms rely on our software for their global tax compliance.

Benefits of Our Enterprise Tax Software

Of course, the most important numbers aren’t the statistics about our CCH Integrator software, but the savings and benefits your business can achieve by using it. Here are a few of the key advantages our clients can enjoy by using our software:

Saving Time

Managing tax data to remain compliant, as well as making key business decisions, requires a considerable amount of time, which can pull your focus away from running your business and serving your customers. KPMG once told us that, with our software, processes that used to take two hours now take ten minutes. This substantial time saving enables organisations to keep tax matters central to their planning and operations without demanding a huge time obligation.

Reducing Risk

Operating a business with tax awareness allows you to save money, run leaner, and remain financially sound. It also cuts down on risks associated with everything from errors in data entry to violations of foreign tax law. Even a simple human error can trigger an audit, which can mean a stressful, time-consuming and potentially expensive walk back through your company’s books. Our software enables organisations to remain accurate, compliant and data rich. These benefits minimise tax-related risks across your organisation so that you can keep things above board and reduce the risks of ageing spreadsheets and manual input to make the right tax decisions and accurately report to your stakeholders.

Increase your Control

Tax laws in countries around the world are complicated. For individuals and businesses lacking financial or tax backgrounds, navigating tax laws and remaining compliant is a considerable challenge. Direct tax (income tax), indirect tax (GST or VAT) and country-by-country reporting requirements all demand control and oversight. Because we combine direct, global and indirect tax software – CCH Integrator can give you better control and understanding of your business and all its disparate pieces.


CCH Integrator offers concurrent access for multiple stakeholders, including your clients. This allows for collaboration on workbooks leading to increased information sharing, better visibility, and improved version control. If you’re a multinational with many entities/jurisdictions to cater for, CCH Integrator can enable the group to quickly respond to changes in source data (from the impact on the single entities right through to the aggregated group figures), to reduce versioning issues common with spreadsheet-based approaches and enable users to concurrently work in the same space.

Other Services We Provide Related to Our CCH Integrator Software

Our goal with the CCH Integrator software is to provide reliable tools for enterprises to implement and utilise in their businesses. Every company is different, which means offering flexibility is a huge priority with software such as ours. We have provided this flexibility by ensuring easy integration with virtually any ERP software, by making sure our system is adaptable to the tax environments in different parts of the world and more.

Moreover, we offer consulting services to implement our software and help our clients get even more value out of CCH Integrator. We have a skilled and customer-oriented support team that is ready at any time to help you optimise your CCH Integrator installation to meet the unique needs of your business. Some of the services you can expect from our hands-on consulting team include:

Implementation and Training

Implementing new software systems is often a challenge for organisations—particularly large entities with many employees who will be interacting with the software. We try to make sure all new implementations of CCH Integrator go as smoothly as possible. Our team will collaborate closely with your team to assist with installation, configuration and more. We even assign a dedicated consultant to each new implementation, to serve as a leader and a key point of contact throughout the software adoption process. We can also set up more in-depth training processes to make sure every staff member in your organisation who will have touchpoints with the platform has the opportunity to learn the features, understand the interface and become fully confident with CCH Integrator.

Managed Services

Some organisations don’t require much from our team after the implementation and training process. Others work with us on an ongoing basis to ensure they maximise the value of the software and its many capabilities. If you’d prefer a more long-term, hands-on support solution, consider our managed services offering. We supply administrative support to help you prepare for crucial compliance periods (such as expansions to new markets or annual tax day preparations).

Optimisation Reviews

Our optimisation reviews help businesses identify features of CCH Integrator that they aren’t using yet, or to highlight operational processes that could be streamlined, automated or eliminated by using a CCH Integrator feature.

About Wolters Kluwer and CCH Integrator

Wolters Kluwer is a global provider of professional information, software solutions, and services for accountants, lawyers, and tax, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and regulatory sectors. The company’s roots date back to 1836, while its services in the tax and accounting realms go back to 1913. This extensive background of institutional knowledge is the foundation of CCH Integrator. It is an integral part of the reason this software is such a useful global tax management tool for organisations spanning all industries and all countries.

The CCH Integrator software itself dates back to the year 2000 when the earliest version was developed in a Big Four service firm in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, our team members have passionately focused their efforts on building CCH Integrator into what we view as one of the best global tax platform in the world. We have convened a vast array of talent to make this product highly secure. Our team includes not just developers from renowned software companies around the world, but also leading tax officers from major international corporations, accountants from major service firms, and more. The result is a platform that continues to evolve and get better, even as tax law undergoes substantial changes.

Our goal with this software is ambitious. We want to liberate tax professionals in organisations around the world from the risks, errors, time-consuming processes and other pain points that they have, up to now, seen as facts of life. We firmly believe in the ability of our software to automate or simplify tax reporting, tax data management and tax compliance. For businesses that span multiple geographies and tax jurisdictions, CCH Integrator offers the tools you need to be smarter, more compliant and more strategic. Contact us today to schedule a full software demonstration with one of our commercial managers.

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