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Gather and leverage invaluable tax data, simply and effectively, for now and into the future – to transform your perspective.

Gather and leverage invaluable tax data, simply and effectively, for now and into the future – to transform your perspective.

CCH Integrator transforms your tax data in a standardised manner to automate business functions

Collecting and utilising valuable, accurate tax data to provide insights in a complex world is a mammoth task. CCH Integrator tax data management solutions takes the pain out of capturing and capitalising on tax data and content, through seamless collaboration combined with real-time collection and connection to regulatory tax events.

Transform your perspective – with powerful tax data to feed insights at your disposal

Ensure integrity in the supply chain of the data report

Remove room for human error in sourcing and collecting accurate structured data.

Demonstrate trends and compare your tax history

Easily show stakeholders that you are consistently monitoring and managing tax risks and trends.

Stay on top of change before it occurs

Keep your finger on the pulse of tax change with a platform that’s automated and constantly updated.

An ever-evolving, improving, optimising platform

  • Flexible in capturing your structured and unstructured data
  • Automatically feeds data into your tax calculations keeping the one source of truth
  • Integrates with your Business Intelligence (BI) solutions
  • Leverages the scale and knowledge available with Wolters Kluwer

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Tax Compliance

Transform your processes with all your tax obligations in one place.

Tax Reporting

Transform your perspective to go from ticking boxes to charting a strategic course for success.

Stories of Transformation

Goodyear Australia

“Goodyear Australia Stays One Revolution Ahead of its Tax Compliance and Reporting with CCH Integrator.”

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“With CCH Integrator what previously took 2 hours now takes 10 minutes“

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