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Get the latest news that affects you and your clients. Automatically.

Powered by CCH IntelliConnect®, Tracker is a news alert service that brings you the latest updates in your chosen area.

Save Time

Your Trackers are automatically sent to you with the latest news that impacts you and your clients – saving you time searching through unnecessary news updates.

Create Your Own Newsletter

Select relevant news articles from your Tracker archive and compile them into an exportable PDF that you can share with colleagues.

Access Tracker Anywhere

View your alerts via RSS, email, in CCH IntelliConnect® or on your mobile device through CCH Mobile Asia Pacific.

How to Setup Your Trackers

  1. In CCH IntelliConnect®, select the Tracker icon and click ‘Click here to configure Trackers’.
  2. To add Trackers, check the boxes for the Trackers you would like to activate.
  3. Customise your news feed by clicking on and choosing keywords to tailor the feed to your needs. Click OK.
  4. To configure your delivery options, click on Delivery Options and choose how you would like to receive your Tracker news.

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