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Streamline your legal research workflows with CCH Pinpoint®

In-depth legal research platform

CCH Pinpoint® delivers focused and relevant search results to help you cut out the noise and save time with your legal research. Our content is written by legal professionals, for legal professionals designed to assist you every step of the way.

In-depth legal research platform

CCH Pinpoint® delivers focused and relevant search results to help you cut out the noise and save time with your legal research. Our content is written by legal professionals, for legal professionals designed to assist you every step of the way.

Choose Legal Research Software to Empower Your Practice

No lawyer can possibly know everything — and the complexities of case law mean even the most experienced lawyer whether in-practice or in-house often needs additional answers to provide accurate legal advice for their clients and organisation. How can your organisation simplify the considerable volume of information it must explore every month?

What Are Legal Research Tools?

Modern research software for the legal profession provides organisations with a simple, single point of access for exploring legislation, cases, and commentary related to very specific topics and practice areas. The right tools can help you streamline your legal research workflows and make it simpler to find the information you need.

How Do You Do Legal

Most lawyers follow specific procedures for conducting research. A “funnel” method works best. Starting from a broad field of law, narrow your research down to scenarios that are close to the situation on which you’re working.

Is Legal Research

Sometimes, the laws surrounding a particular case may be vague or poorly defined. Accessing information can prove challenging too. As a routine part of the legal profession, this process doesn’t have to be complicated. Advanced tools, including some based on artificial intelligence, continue to make the process even easier.

How Can You Make Legal Research Simple?

The right software makes a difference. When a lawyer or in-house counsel can search for legal information with confidence, knowing that it will be simpler to turn up even obscure results, producing good results for clients is the natural result.

CCH Pinpoint®: Advanced Legal Research Software

A ground-breaking legal research software solution, CCH Pinpoint® lives up to its name with two Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards in 2020 for Innovation in Technology Development and Innovation in Business-to-Business Products and Services. Simplifying access to highly targeted and relevant information, CCH Pinpoint® is ideal for all legal practitioners, whether in law firms, government and corporate organisations.

Browse Legal Data with Ease

Minimise the number of clicks it takes to search and access the information you require. Not sure where to begin on a topic? Jump-start your research with our helpful topic guides, designed to deliver an effective workflow for addressing commonly researched issues. CCH Pinpoint® also features integration with Austlii for instant access to a an extended amount of legislation and caselaw data.

Narrow Your Focus to Your Practice Area

CCH Pinpoint® lets a user quickly define their area of expertise. Exclude all results irrelevant to your practice area and rapidly locate the information you need to proceed. Make every search count.

Information Prepared by Legal Professionals, for Legal Professionals

With a team that includes former judges and esteemed legal practitioners, you can trust in software built for the unique needs of your profession. We give every user access to tools for enhancing productivity, including built-in practical tools such as precedents, checklists, comparative verdict finders, forms and more.

Technology has already transformed the legal sector tremendously. With CCH Pinpoint®, legal professionals can stay on the cutting edge while delivering superb results for clients across the board. Learn more today about how well-developed software sets the stage for success in the legal profession.

Becoming the Future Ready Lawyer

After a decade of debate about legal sector transformation – if, when and how it would happen – there’s no question that the global future of law is under way and that technology and the acceleration of technology offerings are key forces for change.

Legal professionals are increasingly turning to accessible and impactful technologies that help them achieve better outcomes and offer higher value through data-driven analytics and insights and higher efficiency and productivity.

CCH Pinpoint® Practice Areas

CCH Pinpoint® Family Law

Instant access to family law commentary, important cases, legislation and precedents.

In an area filled with lengthy court processes, stressed parties, and frequent negotiations, it’s essential to have the right answers, right away.

CCH Pinpoint® Employment Law

Confidently handle employment matters, provide accurate advice, and stay informed.

Your source of trusted analysis, comprehensive information and best-practice templates and tools to support you and your Human Resources team.

CCH Pinpoint® Property Law

Instant access to property commentary, important legislation and precedents.

Delivering focused, specialist research and tools for Commercial Leasing, Property Law NSW, Property Law VIC and Property Law QLD.

CCH Pinpoint® Discrimination Law

Your definitive guide to discrimination law in Australia.

Access comprehensive and practical commentary, key cases and news about all forms of discrimination, and sexual and racial harassment, prohibited in each Australian jurisdiction.

CCH Pinpoint® Work Health & Safety Law

All the information and tools you need to understand the WHS legislative framework

Gain a 360 degree view of the model Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations, providing easy access to annotations, jurisdictional variations, commentary, case headnotes and practical tools.

CCH Pinpoint® Litigation, Evidence and Procedure Law

Your essential source of practice, evidence and procedure for the key courts of Australia.

Instant access to complete coverage of the information necessary for court proceedings and rules of evidence.

CCH Pinpoint® Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law

Seamless access to essential bankruptcy and insolvency information

Coverage of the Bankruptcy Act and Regulations, the Corporations Act and Regulations and insolvency practice in Australia. Our legal content and practical tools can assist with personal and corporate insolvency administrations.

CCH Pinpoint® Compliance and Business Law

Stay up-to-date with your governance, risk management and compliance obligations.

Our broad business law knowledge base covers important legal issues facing businesses including choosing between business structures, company takeovers and buying, selling or transferring a business.

CCH Pinpoint® Company Law

Seamlessly navigate through sections of the Corporations Act 2001

Written by experienced Australian corporate lawyers, it intuitively links expert commentary with up-to-date legislation, court rules, forms and other source material.

CCH Pinpoint® Consumer Credit Law

Your definitive resource for Consumer Credit

In-depth coverage for current laws relating to responsible lending and disclosure obligations, together with information concerning the Australian Credit Licence (ACL) and the obligations of ACL holders and keeps pace with the increasingly tighter regulatory reforms in the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

CCH Pinpoint® Contract Law

Draft, review and negotiate contracts with confidence

Access a wide range of practical tools, created by leading Australian lawyers, designed to help you draft better contracts and review contracts more comprehensively.

CCH Pinpoint® Personal Injury Law

Instant access to personal injury cases, commentary, legislation and practical tools.

CCH Pinpoint® Personal Injury Law provides you with focused and specialist content, research and practical tools for all aspects of personal injury law, whether plaintiff or defendant, in-house or insurer, counsel or corporate.

CCH Pinpoint® Motor Accidents Law

Instant access to focused and specialist content, research and practical tools for all aspects of motor accident law.

Easily compare and filter results with our Motor Vehicle Law Comparative Verdicts Finder covering all motor accident cases across Australia since 1999 to date, including all winning and losing cases.

CCH Pinpoint® Defamation and Professional Liability Law

Stay ahead of the competition with CCH Pinpoint® Defamation and Professional Liability Law.

It provides you with instant access to focused and specialist content, research and practical tools for all aspects of defamation law and professional liability law.

CCH Pinpoint® Medical Negligence and Health Law

Instant access to focused and specialist content, research and practical tools for all aspects of medical negligence and health law.

Seamless access to commentary and practical tools for medical negligence litigation and claims, as well as addressing all aspects of health law for hospital administrators, associations, patients, and academics.

CCH Pinpoint® Workers Compensation Law

Instant access to workers compensation cases, commentary, legislation and practical tools.

Comprehensive coverage of Australia’s complex workers compensation legislation for all jurisdictions together with expert commentary.

CCH Pinpoint® Property Related Torts and Economic Loss

Instant access to focused and specialist content, research and practical tools for all aspects of Property Related Torts and Economic Loss.

Browse the most common property related tort claims, cases and commentary.

CCH Pinpoint® Privacy Law

Your comprehensive guide to Australia’s privacy law regime.

Easily find all privacy legislation, guidelines and determinations, commentary, practice tools and news with a few clicks.

CCH Pinpoint® Insurance Law

The leading insurance research solution for Australian lawyers

Confidently handle insurance matters, always stay up-to-date and provide accurate guidance and advice

CCH Pinpoint® Intellectual Property Law

The premier intellectual property research solution for Australian lawyers

In-depth online research and resources for those who need to protect intellectual property rights

CCH Pinpoint® Competition and Consumer Law

A practical resource to use when advising on competition and consumer law

Quickly assess whether the conduct in your situation is unlawful and estimate how serious the consequences will be.

CCH Pinpoint® Estate Planning and Trust Law

Practical online research and tools to assist lawyers to advise their clients on their estate planning

Access hundreds of practical tools and precedents, developed by legal practitioners to improve your efficiency when advising on estate planning.

CCH Pinpoint® Personal Property Securities Law

Essential resource for practitioners to navigate the complex area of Securities Law

Features expert commentary and checklists for specific industry sectors including Infrastructure and Construction, Agribusiness, Commercial and Retail Leasing and Equipment Leasing.

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