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How Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting in Asia Pacific is delivering impact beyond COVID-19

By Izzy Silva
Managing Director, Wolters Kluwer APAC

Wolters Kluwer has served professionals in AsiaPacific for over four decades, helping them enhance workflows and make informed decisions. Our expert solutions – a combination of deep domain knowledge with advanced technology and services – deliver better outcomes, analytics, and improved productivity and help solve complex problems for our customers. We are grateful and appreciative of recognition we have received for supporting customers and helping them realise their potential and deliver impact when it matters the most. 

One of the significant benefits of being part of a global organisation, with a 183-year legacy and portfolio representing thousands of customers worldwide (including 93% of the Fortune 500 companies), is having the ability to respond during a crisis. We are also grounded in our values  ̶  focus on the customer, make it better, aim high and deliver, and win as a team  ̶  which has helped us stay focused even during these challenging times.

We walk the talk

As Wolters Kluwer shifted to moving its 19,000 global employees to work remotely, we also found ourselves in a position to be able to support our customers and answer their questions on what to do when they were facing the same situation.

Our teams have been fielding calls about collaboration software platforms, cloud connectivity and a different overall approach to ‘doing business’. We are pleased to be able to help guide clients through these challenges; after all, we are all in this together.

Sharing information with our customers

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, business owners and professionals, have had an unprecedented volume of information being shared with them daily, including more tax legislation and changes in a few months than over the entire course of the past few years. However, for Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Asia Pacific, this is when we shine. Our range of research platforms and predictive intelligence tools, like CCH iKnow and CCH IQ Client Match, compile this information, overlay our industry expertise and interpret what these changes mean to give finance, accounting, and tax professionals clear answers – quickly and effectively. For their own businesses and their client’s businesses.

Having the right knowledge at hand, we believe is vital which is why across Asia Pacific, we are providing our content subscription customers with 60 days of online subscriptions to help them during their work from home period.

In Australia, our specialist political analysts, based in Parliament House, Canberra, have also offered a CCH Political Alert complimentary COVID-19 topic. This unique alert service gives real time updates about Government announcements and policy changes. Our corporate tax software and professional software teams are extending valuable consulting services across the region to support clients through this period.

We are offering complimentary COVID-19 updates to our CCH Web Manager clients.

Our complimentary COVID-19 Resource Hub across the region has also proved to be overwhelmingly popular with clients. During a recent webinar, hosted by CCH Learning our experts shared insights on the Australian Federal Government COVID-19 Stimulus Package we were proud to have registered 4,000 people and pleased that so many professional and businesses turn to our experts in their time of need.

Staying connected

For the first time in modern history, the entire world is grappling with a situation that has disrupted many aspects of life and business. For me, during times of uncertainty, I find deliberate clear communication and transparency critical. Virtual communications, whether internal or external, require a new approach, and we have very much focused on the importance of ‘Staying Connected’ despite the working conditions we all now find ourselves in. I think we have all enjoyed taking a peek into each other’s homes and lives while finding out a little more about each other. An unintended positive consequence of all this is that we seem to have built deeper connections, and this was not always possible in a traditional work environment.

Whether you are an introvert lapping up the working from home policy or an extrovert finding out more about your client’s lives and challenges, we are all building an ability to understand problems at a deeper level. I believe this will stand us in good stead to be the business partner our clients are looking for in the years ahead. We are with our clients and partners, all the way.