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Your guide to workplace relations issues during the COVID-19 recovery phase

By Geeta Shyam

Businesses around Australia are now adjusting to changing COVID-19 restrictions and issues. Irrespective of whether a business has continued to operate or is now restarting, COVID-19 risks and requirements are fundamentally affecting the way businesses operate and manage their employees.

Matthew O’Callaghan, Workplace Relations Consultant and former Senior Deputy President of the Fair Work Commission, has written a detailed guide to the key workplace relations issues being faced by businesses as they reopen and/or adapt to a novel operating environment.

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The guide provides guidance for businesses that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis either marginally or substantially. It covers the following issues:

  • Bringing employees back to the workplace safely
  • Maintaining alternative business arrangements
  • Enterprise Agreements
  • Jobkeeper return to work arrangements
  • Discrimination and unfair dismissal, and
  • New business opportunities.

Wolters Kluwer is also hosting a complimentary webinar on Navigating workplace relations regulations during your business’s COVID-19 recovery on 25 May (1-2pm AEST) where Matthew O’Callaghan will explore the emerging workplace issues from a practical perspective. The webinar will consider live examples from an Operational Manager and Human Resource (HR) practitioner perspective.

*The issues addressed in the guide are continually evolving and developing. While all possible care has been taken in the preparation of suggested approaches that may be considered, these should not be taken as prescriptive or applicable in all circumstances. Matthew O’Callaghan’s observations are based on over 40 years of workplace relations experience and his current involvement in assisting businesses in the retail, manufacturing, transport, health and entertainment industries in dealing with the crisis. He is also actively involved in helping some public sector entities respond to COVID-19. These emerging experiences of different industries highlight the unique issues that are continually appearing. While there is no one right answer, Matthew O’Callaghan has identified important issues for consideration.